Playlist for Two playlist for two logo

An individual capstone project for Ada Developers Academy, in which I built a cross-plartform mobile app that finds the intersection between two users' Spotify listening histories

Team Size: 1

Languages/Technologies: Flutter, Dart, Python, Flask, MongoDB, Heroku, Spotify API

HaCKSy thumbnail for hacksy project

A collaborative project for Ada Developers Academy to build a functional e-commerce website using Ruby on Rails

Team Size: 4

Languages/Technologies: Ruby, Rails, OmniAuth, minitest

Free Radicals Site Revamp artwork of the free rads site revamp team at work. From left to right: Shubha the HEX girl working her magic, Alexis keeping us on task, Linus going back to the drawing board and Chrystal (quite literally) pushing code.

I collaborated to develop a custom wordpress theme for Free Radicals' website as well as a way to automate linking guest contributors to their content. Thumbnail artwork by Chrystal Li.

Team Size: 2

Languages/Technologies: Wordpress, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript thumbnail for project

A collaborative project for TechTogether Boston that investigated bias in machine learning gendering APIs

Team Size: 5

Languages/Technologies: Ruby, HTTParty, Twitter API, TextGain API, FacePlusPlus API, Gender API, Rails, sqlite3, git/github

MediaRanker screenshot of slack CLI project

An individual project for Ada Developers Academy to copy the style and functionality of this website. I implemented additional features including downvotes and recommendations (based on similar users).

Team Size: 1

Languages/Technologies: Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Minitest

Video Store screenshot of video store project

A collaborative full-stack project for Ada Developers Academy to build a video rental management system

Team Size: 2

Languages/Technologies: Javascript, React.js, Ruby, Rails, Bootstrap,